Lorin and I met though the obedience club that we belonged to. As a young couple we raised Golden Retrievers for the show ring and trials. Our priorities at that time were raising our son and just having companion dogs.
In 1993, we purchased our first clumber spaniel. This was a breed that we researched for many months before being allowed to have our first one and a breed that both of us could exhibit as owner/ handler and finish the dog’s championship without the assistance of a professional handler. In 1995 we went to our first Clumber Spaniel Club of America National. We met so many wonderful people and saw many clumber spaniels. This only made us want to get involved more with the breed and with the club. We whelped our first clumber spaniel litter in 1996. With this experience we learned the up and downs of breeding clumber spaniels. In 1996 we received our second clumber spaniel after a lot of begging. Lexus (CH Critter’s Better Days) was an awesome addition to our breeding program and home. Along with experiencing the show ring, Jan learned how to groom clumber spaniels.
In the last couple of years, we have had great success in the conformation ring with our clumber spaniels receiving a Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, Best of Opposite Sex at the National and in 2009 we bred the number one clumber spaniel. Most recently at the 2010 AKC/ Eukanuba Invitational, Jan and our clumber spaniel, JD, received Best of Breed and Best Bred By Exhibitor. I has been exciting.