Date Of Birth: 01/31/13
Breeders/Owners: Kristin Fillipi and Jan Sutherland
Moonrysn Windward Sittin on the
Dock of the Bay
GCH. Shogun's Im It N That’s That RN (OFA CLS# 438G24M-PI) Ch. Shogun's Play That Funky Music RN (OFA CLS# 350G4M-VPI) Nonsuch Spyce Twyce
Ch. Shogun's Rhythm Of Love TD (OFA CLS# 234G24F-VPI)
Ch. Nonsuch Vivacissimo (OFA CLS# 367G44F-VPI) Ch. Clussexx Show Me The Money
Nonsuch Café Latte
Ch. Bluemoonrysn's Marie Antoinette (OFA CLS# 458F25F-PI) Ch. Moonrysn's God Only Knows (OFA CLS# 321G24M-PI) Ch. Breakaway's Let's Party
Ch. Moonrysn's Singin In The Rain CD (OFA CLS# 241G39F-PI)
Ch. Bluemoonrysn's Shawnee Witchy Woman Ch. Critter's He Walks On Water (OFA CLS# 282G49M-PI)
Ch. Bluemoon N Jejacs Hearthome CD TD (OFA CLS# 296G37F-PI)